The lands of Dataesia have fallen into chaos. In one swift night the entire royal line was murdered. Not just the King and his family but every person with even a drop of royal blood. Dukes and Lords, hedge knights and bastards alike. Witnesses of the event say that one moment the victims were perfectly fine and the next wounds begin to open on their bodies as if some invisible knife was stabbing them. It became known as the Grisly Night.

Many feared that this was only the beginning of some great invasion, but as the months passed it became clear that no one was coming. This only depend the mystery. Who had attacked the royal family? Where they gods striking them down for their blasphemy or had they been assassinated by mortal hands?

The once mighty Kingdom of Dataesia has dissolved into a collection of City States as the remaining Lords were too cowardly to seek power. In these tumultuous times will you boldly seek fortune and power or will you find your end at the point of a sword?

Right of Ascension