Tiwasla 'Ti'

The Captain of the Great Heaven


A heavy set man. Tiwasla (Ti-Wale-la), Ti for short, is a well mannered captain. Smiles and Jokes come easy to him and he can always be found laughing or joking with his crew. A veteran of the sea Tiwasla also knows when decisive action is needed. When danger rears its head his easy manor disappears leaving in its place a stern and demanding commander.

Tiwasla dresses in the manor of his people, in loose fitting sail-pants and shirt with a strong leather belt around his waist with simple saddles or no footwear at all. The color of his pants changes but he always wears a red shirt signifying himself as captain. All manner of rings and bracelets adorn his weather worn hands and arms. His head is completely shaven making it hard to determine exactly how old he is.


Tiwasla 'Ti'

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