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Officers on a ship:

Ships Captain – A Ships captain was appointed by the owner of the ship. As such they have total authority on-board. The captain was usually the man with the most experience sailing on the ship but not always. Modred ‘Tide Turner’

Quartermaster – After the Captain, the quartermaster was probably the most important man on the ship. He was in charge of seeing that the Captain’s orders were carried out and handled the day-to-day management of the ship. Thomas Blimey ‘Darkblade’

Navigator / Sailing Master – Trained navigators could use the stars to figure out their latitude, and therefore could sail from east to west fairly easily, but figuring out longitude was much harder and involved a lot of guesswork. Insane John Hawkins

Boatswain – The Boatswain, or Bosun, was in charge of the ship itself and keeping it in shape for travel and battle. He looked after the wood, canvas and ropes that were of vital importance on board. He would often lead shore parties when supplies or repairs were needed. He oversaw activities such as dropping and weighing the anchor, setting the sails and keeping the deck clean. Nesbit ’Devil’s Smile’

Cooper / Carpenter – The carpenter was in charge of the ship’s structural integrity. He generally answered to the Boatswain and would fix holes after combat, keep the masts and yardarms sound and functional and know when the ship needed to be beached for maintenance and repairs. Wooden barrels were very valuable, as they were the best way to store food, water and other necessities of life at sea. Every ship needed a cooper, or a man skilled in making and maintaining barrels. Existing storage barrels had to be inspected regularly. Jack Silver

Doctor – Few merchant ships traveled with a doctor but many ships outfitted for battle had a doctor on hand. Jack Silver

Mate – On large ships there where usually more than one mate. Mates served as apprentices to the different officer positions on the ship. In practice the mates would do most of the work for the officers they worked under. Content Not Found: storm_asheton_, alistair" class=“wiki-content-link”>Delpha ‘She-Devil’ Alistair


Cook – Every ship requires someone to prepare and oversee the feeding of the crew. The cook would prepare meals and would ration food and drink. Usually the cook would make one meal for the sailors and another for the officers. Simon Gruesome Gull

A.B.S. – Able Bodied Sailor. These are the backbone of the ship. The preformed all the day to day tasks of the ship. They had to know about the rigging and how to steer the ship. They are generally broken up into three groups, helms men, riggers and swabbies. Ember ‘The Brave’ Grail, Nedra Shurman, Jack Gray Gull

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