Day 1

As the morning sun’s first light comes in through your porthole you begin to stir. Your first night aboard the Great Heaven wasn’t exactly smooth. The constant swaying of the ship made your footing unsure and your stomach turn but you had only been as sea one day, perhaps the discomfort would subside. Leaving your cramped cabin you walk down a narrow hall before stepping out onto the main deck. Already the crew of the ship was busy at work moving about the deck, trimming the sails and setting fishing lines. As you stand watching the sailors work wondering what you should do next a familiar voice calls out to you.

“Ah I see my passenger have risen.” a man calls as he strolls across the main deck toward you. Glancing around you realize you aren’t alone in watching the sailors.

Describe Captain Tiwasla ‘Ti’ – Heavy set man, loose fitting red shirt, white pants, heavy leather belt, rings and bracelets. Similar to his sailors but they look drab in comparison.

“You must be hungry, we have prepared some food for you.” He continues before yelling back across the ship. " Intumini, Shanaglilgo come show our passengers to the mess I’ll not have them starve on their first day." With that a woman who had been setting fishing lines and a man working on the sails hustled over.


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Day 1

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