Act 1- The Journey Home

Overview – The party is traveling on the sea with a group of Ob-Lob merchants. They are making good time when another ship is spotted on the horizon, it’s a Tengu pirate ship. The pirate ship is lighter and faster then the bulky merchant ship and easily overtake it. A battle ensues with the pirates easily defeating the merchants. The players and many of the crew are captured by the pirates. Those deemed worthy are press-ganged into the crew while the rest will be sold into slavery.

They spend a night bound in manacles held in a cell. The next morning the captured characters are put through a series of tests for the amusement of the pirates where they are tested to see if they are worthy of joining the crew. They climb rigging, fight duels, swing on ropes and swim to a boat. The challenges are difficult to accomplish and some of the merchant crew may perish, which greatly amuses the pirates. Those who do well are left on deck while those who do poorly are taken below. The group on deck are given jobs somewhat arbitrary, rigger, swabs, cooks assistant, cooper/carpenter. Those taken below are put back in irons and put back into their cells.

In the following days those taken into the crew are put to harsh labor under the direction of the boatswain. They work long hard hours during the day and drink in the evening. They get to know the crew and begin to understand how life as a pirate works.

Those taken below wallow in the damp oppressive cell in near darkness. They have little food or water and are harassed by rats and other vermin that inhabit the ship. They get to know some of the other captives.

The days wear on with different events and interactions happening. A keelhauling, a storm, several fights, a rodent purge, an escaped prisoner. At some point the ship sails near a port and picks up a group of pirates with several trunks. After nearly a month living on-board the pirates come upon another ship, more merchants. The pirates overtake the ship and a fight ensues.

The ship and crew are captured. The crew celebrates and on the next day the captain holds another tryout just like the one the players went through. When the games are done the captain crews the second boat with the boatswain and a small crew of pirates along with the entire complement of slaves. The second ship sets sail for a Grenican port to sell the slaves and outfit the ship. The players are picked to be part of the crew of the new ship and they should be worried as the boatswain should hate them.

The acting captain is much harsher and the players are given the worst jobs like tending to the slaves and working the bilge pump. Several slaves die on the journey and are looted by the pirates attending them. On a day when on the players are attending the slaves an old man from the second ship dies. He has a sealed scroll case hidden on him, it contains a deed to an estate in Aelfort, a Riverland port city.

As the days drag on the allies of the players begin to talk of mutiny a dangerous subject. Many of the players allies fear that the only reason they were picked for this assignment was so that they too could sold off as slaves. The acting captain could picket the coin and say they had die or fled at port. This should spur the players into acting, but they are outnumbered by the men loyal to the acting captain. How are they to overcome the odds and survive the journey?

If the party overcomes the acting captain and take over the ship they can go where ever they please but should eventually head to Aelfort to attempt to use the deed. With a substantial manor, and farm land, along with a group of loyal men they will be well on their way to establishing themselves.

The Pirate ship Agor’s Sacrifice

The Ob-Lob merchant ship Great Heaven

The Uldholm merchant ship Avalon Breeze

Day 1 – The journey begins

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Act 1- The Journey Home

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